Since 1960, History made of seriousness, passion and competence.

A little more than half a century of activity, success in the drilling sector.

It was the initiative of Raffaele Della Gatta (10/12/1936 – 21/11/1999), a young enterprising craftsman and passionate about the search for water in the subsoil, who thought to concentrate his attention on the island of Ischia, at the time island not very developed, which was affected by major problems in the regulation and management of surface waters. In those times the wells were dug by manual means and with great effort, but to compensate for the efforts of our father was the love that invested every day for his work and above all the gratitude of the residents who saw themselves more and more satisfied in a their primary need. Infondo Raffaele Della Gatta, as can be confirmed by those who were lucky enough to know him was an example of Man, he needed little to feel himself defeated in life, for him the approval of others was important.

This is how an entrepreneurial activity arises that requires ever more new forces, means and organization. In the following years he saw the entry into the company of his two sons, Pasquale and Alberto, thus expanding the sectors of intervention with the continuous updating of techniques and equipment.

At the beginning of the 80s, the company was well established, then the need arose of important investments that led to the purchase of hydraulic machines characterized by innovative working procedures, able to shorten the construction times of a well and to reach higher depths than manual methods.

The 90s bring further updates in the organization and planning, together with new investments for the purchase of more and more advanced machines, in the face of a real explosion in the demand for services.

Our company is full of passion, a passion that has been handed down from generation to generation demonstrated by the entry into the activity of the founder’s nephew, Raffaele, who since his childhood had very clear objectives and in his free time was delighted in designing drills and he followed his father and grandfather in carrying out the work.

Trivellazioni Della Gatta performs works of every kind and every kind

The difficulties are our forte.